Steam Sale: What'd You Buy So Far?!

Today started the glorious Summer Sale of 2012 on Steam: For those that don't know what that means, it means insane values and amazing deals on awesome PC games. For those grizzled, hardened veterans: Courage.

Let us know what you're scoping out, or have actually bought, by responding in the comments! It'd be a cool way to see what games you all are playing, and a great way for me to keep track of who is entered to win a free game. Wait, WHAT?!

That's right, I have three games to give away (Torchlight 1, Breath of Death VII, and Cthulu Saves The World), and in order to be entered into the contest, you'll have to do two things:


  1. Comment on this article, letting us know which games you're picking up this year, or what catches your eye!
  2. Be sure to link your Steam Profile URL in your comment, that way the Bearder Community can add you as a friend on Steam!


For instance, let me start by linking my Steam profile! The contest is good until July 23rd, in which the gifts will be given out at random to three lucky commentors (one per winner)! To keep things fair, only one entry per contestant, but don't let that shy you away! Comment as many times as you like to keep everyone up on what you've picked up during the sale! Also, if you have a specific game of the three that you'd like to enter for, be sure to put that in the comment, as well!