DARK - A vampire RPG for maybe PC

I caught the scoop from Evil Avatar that a new RPG game with stealth elements called Dark was announced on German site GameStar.de. Though I'm a bit confused as to what system(s) for.

There's the large header on the top of that GameStar entry that says Dark - PC but then you come upon this in the image gallery:

OK yes, perhaps the game wants me to press the sixth key from the left in the top row of letters on my keyboard to KILL this guy, but I'm operating under the assumption that is an XBox Y and not a QWERTY Y. This screenshot makes me laugh really hard; remember Ezio?

I should mention that the main character's name is Eric Bane and the game starts off with him waking up without his memory. Yep.

With all the video games and movies that do the amnesia thing, I wonder if Nitrobeard should fill the "starting off without memories" gap that seemingly exists in the podcast world.

Hi everyone, welcome to Episode uh of the errcast. I'm... and tonight I'm joined by who is this old man