Countdown To Diablo 3: 1 Day Left

Thank you for joining me over these past 4 days in counting down to Diablo 3! Later this week, I'll have hands-on impressions, and the final editorial write-up. It's been over 10 years since a new Diablo game hit shelves, so I think it's only fair to make this event truly special, and save the grand finale editorial for later in the week! I'll discuss where the franchise fits in today's gaming landscape, how the competition of Torchlight 2/Grim Dawn/Path of Exile changes the perception of Diablo's return, and just how major the design changes within the game truly are.

Speaking of the competition, can't wait to get your click-click on? Diablo not your thing, but still wish to join in the action rpg excitement? Interested in a free copy of the original Torchlight on Steam? How about having 4 chances to win? We have 4 copies of the original Torchlight to give away (or maybe even 5?!), so be sure to check out the stipulations, and prove that your photoshopping skills are worthy of legend!

So once again, Bearders, thanks for taking notice of my crazy fanboy-riddled shilling these past few days, and I hope to see you on May we slay demons together for all eternity, forever showcasing the power of the Beard!