Countdown To Diablo 3: 2 Days Left


2 days left, and I'm excited beyond belief! Bhaal himself can't destroy my hype!

Last segment, I discussed my take on a few controversial issues with Diablo 3's design. The segment before that, I went all-out on my love for Blizzard, and told a few personal stories that showed how the company's games came into my life. This time? We take a look at the 5 classes of Diablo 3, and a quick little snippet on them. The best part, though, is we have videos included, for your viewing pleasure! C'MON GANG, THESE CHARACTER SYNOPSIS VIDEOS WON'T WATCH THEMSELVES! What? They can't! They don't have Diablo-honed clicky fingers!

This update will be a fairly direct one, as I think these videos will showcase the character classes better than I could.






Which class will you start with? Personally, I think I'll be running Demon Hunter first, simply because a majority of my time with Diablo 2 was spent with the Barbarian, and I think the less 'up-close-and-personal' character class will be the best way to usher in a new title, as it will feel much more refreshing a new than the same stoic, direct combat styles I've been used to for the past 12 years. Also, the crowd-control aspects of the Demon Hunter's hookshot looks to be a godsend in hectic fights with multiple clumps of mobs. I can't wait to play with friends and fellow Bearders (that means you, hopefully!) to see what sort of crazy hijinks can ensue with a little elbow grease, and a lot of imagination.


Join me tomorrow night in the final installment of Countdown To Diablo 3: It'll be the home stretch! We're almost there, gang! Tomorrow will cover my thoughts of what the game should deliver to be a success, how Torchlight 2/Grim Dawn/Path of Exile will affect Diablo's perception with gamers, and a special announcement about a game giveaway! Stay tuned, and we'll see you tomorrow, same Beard place, same Beard channel!