Sideburned #2: Charlie Brumfield


In this, the second installment of Sideburned, Brian Belida sits down with special co-interviewer Sean Vanaman (Idle Thumbs, Telltale Gams) to talk with the man behind the immensely successful Artisan Dice Kickstarter- Charlie Brumfield.

We get into exactly how Charlie's handmade dice came about, the insanity that is a 30000% final count on his original goal of $300, and how making dice from various exotic woods has seemingly become a new career for him. (to which Sean says hell yes)

After the break we find out just how one of Charlie's die ended up at the bottom of a glass of rum & coke, then start discussing some of the tabeltop games we indulge in and how they take the place of getting slayed in multiplayer video games by 9-year-olds on the other side of the world.

Want to procure your very own set of dice made from any number of woods? Word is that Charlie will be launching the shop some time soon. Do you need more Sean to listen to with your ears? You can do so at and be sure to check out the latest game he's worked on- The Walking Dead.

Music in this Sideburned is all from the soundtrack to The Good, The Bad, The Weird.

What's that? These dice are only capable of killing fairies and wood nymphs? We're live!