Guild Wars 2 Beta Coverage


As we've already established, I'm pretty darn excited for Diablo 3 on May 15th. That being said, this year has a few more titles I'm anticipating, the other main heavy-hitter being Guild Wars 2. Since I have a shiny, nice TwitchTV channel I need to figure out, what better way then to do some livestream (and editorial) coverage of the Guild Wars 2 beta this upcoming weekend?

Those pesky NDAs have been lifted for this weekend's proceedings, so you can be sure there will be some rad content in store for you! There will be quite a few beta events for Guild Wars 2 in the coming months (there's still no set release date), so expect video and editorial content to keep you up to date, in the mix, and all sorts of other weird euphemisms.

Haven't heard much on Guild Wars 2? Don't know why you should be excited? I can only say so much, but the fine folks at ArenaNet can tell you much, much more: