Kickstarter : Nowhere To Run

First it was The Bundles that came in droves for your hard-earned money, and now it's a universal sol... quest to get in on the the Kickstarter lunacy. It's everywhere.

This was going to be an article expressing my concern that video game Kickstarter campaigns can create unrealistic expectations from their backers - targets that are ultimately hard to hit; but Ben Kuchera has already done a great job on that.

Instead here are some Kickstarter campaigns that I think are worth your attention!

I really want Grim Dawn to succeed and be overfunded to the maximum. As far as action RPGs go I dare say that I am more excited for Grim Dawn than I am for Torchlight II, or Diablo III.

As of this post they are sitting at $123,186 pledged of their $280,000 goal. There is a fellow by the name of Serge Tremblay who has gone and thrown an interesting curve ball that I've yet to see in any other Kickstarters.

Listen... Im giving you 4 days or less to reach 180K, and im gonna fill the 100K missing.

This is gonna be my second pledge on this project,why i do this ? Because i really think they can make this game better than the competition (D3). The sooner they can really start this project the better for all of us. 


Take that how you will. Sure it's entirely possible that a scandal about how a Crate Entertainment developer made an alt account under that psuedonym in order to spark more donation will arise out of this, but let's hope not. Go give them your money!

Now, I haven't actually donated to The Banner Saga, but it's already received a ton of attention and is seemingly worth yours as well. I tend to not fare very well with any game that has 'strategy' in the description.

19 hours left as of this post on The Banner Saga!

This Pure Sodaworks Kickstarter was brought to my attention by David (Thick Moustache, About Last Week). Organic natural soda! Jalapeno soda? Sure why not.


There are of course the big guns like Shadowrun Returns and the recently (well) funded Wasteland 2, but who knows what else is out there now that Kickstarter is a thing that exists.

Have any Kickstarter campaigns that you think are worthy of attention? Let us know in the comments!