EA Wench Scandal Reveals Theoretical “Workplace Abuse”.

Yea verily, let it be known to all in the land that on this day in the year of our lord a great many unsubstantiated allegations of peasant "mismanagement" were leveled against the Eastern Alchemical company by a mysterious and neigh-certainly Satanic harlot calling herself only “EA Wench” at EA’s Pontypridd rendering plant in Rhondda Cynon Taf. Among these supposed and highly specious “injustices” were allegations of workweeks exceeding 160 hours in length, gruel rations cut to nearly a third of the limits deemed necessary continue upon this mortal coil by the court’s most experienced health-sorcerers, and allegations of a lye spill into the town well during the past Summer solstice that alone killed more than three times the townsfolk allowed per annum declared acceptable by royal decree.

Among these were allegations that townsfolk employed by EA had illegally poached upon no less than three mountian lions roaming the land belonging to our royal and holy king. EA officials were quick to assure Nitrobard these brigands would be brought to a swift and terrible justice.

In addition, a warrant for eighty silver coins is currently in effect the arrest of EA Wench for the crimes of Knowledge of Mathematics by Womanfolk, Sedition Against One’s Betters, and witchcraft. Any townsfolk bringing forth suspect witch before EA officials will be given an extra ration of gruel, as supplies last.