Choose Your Own Not-a-Review Adventure on Facebook!

In a scant few weeks I shall have immersed myself inside of Mass Effect 3, for good or ill.  Until that time, I have a rather shameful backlog of games stretching back from before Christmas:

Dark Souls
Driver: San Francisco
Ico Collection
No More Heroes:  Heroe’s Paradise
Saint’s Row:  The Third

So seeing as I'm creatively bankrupt, I'm letting you, the good readers of Nitrobeard decide my next game to play (if not finish) and then piss and moan about in classic Totally-Not-A-Review style via our Facebook page!

 If you're one of the few savages left among us who has not surrendered their soul to Mark Zuckerberg, never fret-- I will also consider comments on this thread as "votes".   Get to it, jerks!