Sorry Belida; Battlestar's Back!

If you listen to the first, say, ten episodes of The Beardcast archive, you'll no doubt hear me wax poetic, every single week, about two things: Doritos, and Battlestar Galactica. While the proud tradition of Doritos hype has never left the core values of Nitrobeard, Battlestar Galactica talk came to an abrupt end, because, well, Battlestar ended. Sure, we had Caprica to fill in the gaps, but nothing quite lived up to the pure badassness that was BSG.

Now, Machinima Prime has acquired the rights to the true prequel series for Battlestar, called 'Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome. It focuses on a young William Adama (or as we know him in BSG proper, Big Daddy Adama) during his trials and tribulations during the First Cylon War. By the trailer, you see it means more drama, more sci-fi, and most importantly, more awesome faux-zoom handheld camera shots of spaceships shooting things.

More BSG? Frak yeah!