Announcing The Power Hour!

Hey gang, Wes here. If you've been listening to Free To Play (which you TOTALLY should be), you've probably heard tons of great coverage, funny stories, cool comments, and awesome duders.

However, the only thing missing, was me! With moving my family into a new house, a growing baby, and all sorts of shenanigans, I sadly didn't have the proper schedule to be on Free To Play on a regular basis. Instead of moping and being upset, I decided to take action, and kick off a new type of podcast, one focused on having one host, a microphone, a list of news/listener questions, and (on occassion) one guest!  Also, it'll be on the WEEKENDS, to rock your eardrums on the days you DON'T have work in the morning!


Starting THIS WEEKEND, be sure to check right here on Nitrobeard DOT COM for the world premiere of something that's a bit off-the-cuff, a bit in-your-face, and a bit one-on-one: YOU'LL ENTER THE POWERRR HOUUURRRRR!

ALSO: If you'd like your questions answered on the first episode of the Power Hour, leave them in the comments section here! Anything gaming oriented, no holds barred! Some straight REAL TALK ACTION from one of those crazy Nitrobeard boys!