Diablo's Almost Old Enough To Drive

Being Nitrobeard's local Blizzard guru, I feel it's my nerd duty to bring you news that on 12/31/2011, the Diablo franchise officially turned 15 years old. Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting up a few articles based on the Diablo series, from Battle.net to the addiction of 'click-click-click' gameplay, but I think it's only proper to start off by putting this extended retrospective video up, courtesy of Blizzard themselves:

Of course, if you've never played the Diablo games, you're definitely missing out, as they're still some of the most addictive, fun, and rewarding games you can play. Check out the Diablo 2 site to pick up a digital or boxed copy, and be one with Diablo. Don't worry about not having a 'gaming pc' either, as at this point, the game should play incredibly well on Netbooks, too! If enough Bearders want to reinstall their old copies, we can even start some Nitrobeard Battle.net lobbies and kill the Lord of Darkness like true bearded gangsters! Let me know if you're interested in the comments!