Hop Aboard The SOL Train!

SOL: Exodus is a space combat simulator whose flight model is based after some of the more recent science fiction television and film shows (primarily Battlestar Galactica, which makes me a giddy little girl), and has 8 missions with fully voice-acted dialogue, banter between fighter pilots, and the ever-sexy female AI starting every sentence with 'Commander'. The best part? Well, there's two best parts, at least for me:

1) It's not as complex as EVE Online, or X3, and is more comparable with Freespace and Wing Commander. Some gamers would love to play a space combat title, but have always been scared away by crazy menus, impossible interfaces, and a manual that would make Encyclopedia Britannica blush. SOL: Exodus cuts away the overbearing nature of the genre, and keeps the pace fast and rewarding without becoming overly complex.

2) It's made by a team of 6 (six!!) guys, all within one year, and is only $9.99 on Steam. Sure, it's only 8 missions thus far, and no multiplayer, but the flight model and Unreal-engine visuals both deliver extremely satisfying action. It's very pick-up-and-play, and for only ten bucks, it's not going to break the bank.

Seamless Entertainment is fully supporting the game, fixing bugs, adding more joystick functionalities, and adding content to the title, so there's plenty more to look forward to in regards to SOL in the future. C'mon, six guys making a kickass space sim, then promising steady streams of content in the future? What's not to love?