Stupid Snake, Stupidly Good

We don't post much about graphic novels / comics, web or otherwise, as evidenced by me looking through our categories wondering where to put this.

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Hopefully that's an indication that you should take my goddamn recommendation and delve into Stupid Snake, a wordless graphic novel.

Here's the premise, in the words of the author:

Strange, lonely characters keep bumping into one another under various of bizarre circumstances: A troll under a bridge; a peculiar, desperate man; a mutated pterodactyl; the one-eyed hunter that killed his lover; an old fisherman and his lovely daughter; the drunken bum who falls for her; one mysterious dwarf and his riding-duck. Unbeknownst to any of these lost souls they’re all connected by the same common denominator – the Stupid Snake: an odd, reclusive creature in possession of godlike powers… but also ordinary stupidity.

So yeah, get on that.