Hackin' & Wackin' & Smackin' : Dead Island

Look at this lady. She is completely indifferent about kicking away this zombie that is trying to kill and eat her. That said, I have been doing an awful lot of kicking as well as flying-kicking while playing Dead Island over the last couple of days, and at a point I have to imagine it just becomes something you don't even think about any more.

Right, so let's get this bit out of the way first : Dead Island has had a really unfortunate launch on the PC and garnered a fair bit of bad press and frustration from it. Could it have been avoided? Sure! Some people seem to take personal offense to what was seemingly an honest mistake, even if they don't own the game, but I'm (as usual) in the frame of mind that I wish no ill will on the devs and hope they recover spectacularly. Even when playing a "buggy dev build" of the game, I was thoroughly enjoying remurdering the undead.

It's like my mother always said - "it's no use grieving over shed viscera."

Anyhow, I streamed some while I was playing alone last night, check it out below. Feel free to skip around, the zombie hackin' starts around 2:15. You've really got to see some of the co-op tomfoolery my brother and I get up to though, so I will probably be streaming some of that in the near future.