50th Beardcast Giveaway Results


This should have been posted earlier, but I've been exhausted from long days of axing trees and wearing flannel.

Our Celebratory Giveaway for Steam copies of Bastion & Edge had 27 entries! The winner was actually already announced lazily on Twitter and has already received his free gams. This is how it went down on the Nitrobeard Twitter account:

Time to determine which of our 27 entrants will win copies of Bastion and EDGE on Steam using a complex system ropes and pulleys to do so.

System OF. Anyway, post coming later tonight!

And thanks to Random.ORG the number given to me was 16. If you were the 16th commenter then you are the winnar!

For any conspiracy theorists (that's you ) here is IRREFUTIBLE PROOF.

Lucky number 16 happened to be TDOT (That Dude Over There)! So congrats to him for winning things with minimal effort. Good job!

As for the BONUS PRIZE, it's been determined that because he has a history of winning things all of the damn time that the internet's own Blaze should be punished. By winning the copy of Man vs. Wild : The Bear Grylls Video Game donated by Thickmoustache.com.

The end.