Unsafe PSVita Practices

There's a new trailer for Sony's upcoming handheld system the PSVita that displays some rather wreckless behaviors. I've taken the liberty to render some of the best moments from the new trailer as animated graphics interchange format files.

Like entering the Konami code to save your progress to the cloud.

The full trailer and a couple more .gifs are present past the jump.

Wonderous, isn't it? I'm not sure why they can't just show actual footage of people playing the actual game that's being shown instead of doing it in post.

Without a wrist strap of some kind I'm not so sure that I would slam my PSVita towards the ground like that. Especially when outside. Over pavement.

Playing Hot Shots Golf and using its virtual look-around feature while standing in the middle of highly trafficked intersection? Yes!

Seriously though I'm kind of excited for the Vita.