GoG Releases Alpha Centauri

Today's the final day of E3 2011, and while you've no doubt been consuming nothing but crazy news about new and upcoming titles, I'd like to ask you all to take a step back, slow your roll, and cherish one of the greatest games ever created: GoG has finally released Sid Meier's Alpha Centurai for a great price of $5.99. Sadly, it doesn't come with the great expansion pack, Alien Crossfire, but trust me when I say, vanilla Alpha Centurai is still the most solid, well-rounded Turn Based Strategy title I've ever played, and that's coming from someone who loves them some strategy games.

Hell, even if you don't like turn-based strategy, I'd recommend it. Know this going in, though: This is pretty 'hard' sci-fi (not necessarily in difficulty, but in references to science fiction lore), but don't let that keep you away. This is one of the few games I'd call a literal masterpiece of the medium, and should be installed on every gamer's harddrive.

Why? Cause I said so, and I'm a guy on the internet. How can you go wrong?