E3 2011: Konami Press Conference

Konami kicked off this year's E3 with a very early pre-show press conference, wherein they go a different, more sophisticated route: Pre-recorded development diaries, which came as quite a surprise to live viewers. If you haven't had a chance to catch the conference, check it out below, in its entirety, plus some quick highlights and analysis after the break. Enjoy!

Very interesting! Metal Gear Collection HD Collection (MGS2, MGS3, MGS: Peace Walker) in November 2011, Zone of the Enders HD Collection (both the original ZoE and its Dingo-fueled sequel) in 2012, and the Silent Hill HD Collection (Silent Hill 2 and 3) are a solid list of titles for PS3 and Xbox360, and goes to show that when gamers write enough emails and sign enough 'petitions', anything can happen! Pro Evolution Soccer once again hits L.A. Noire-levels of creepy photorealism if looked at under certain lighting conditions, and we see that Mega64 is still causing havoc for women in grocery stores.

NeverDead looks pretty wicked, and the limbs flailing around made me giggle. Plus, anything with Chris Broderick-powered Megadeth is a-okay in my book. Also, quick sidenote, did anyone else think the actress for the new Silent Hill movie is a dead ringer for Heather?

Something caught my eye, though. The original Metal Gear Solid is oddly missing from the MGS HD Collection. Hideo Kojima has also said that 2012 will see quite a surprise for the MGS series, considering it's the 25th Anniversary of the franchise.....Related? Or Kotaku-ridden hyperbole? You decide!

All-in-all a solid showing from Konami, and a great way to start off E3, in my opinion. Port-heavy, sure, but it's ports people have wanted for a long time, done with all the Transfarring goodness your heart can desire. It's too bad we didn't have super awkward luchadore slapping fights, though. MAYBE NEXT YEAR, AM I RIGHT?