Wallet Abuse Weekly is taking a break (Go Buy Half Minute Hero on XBLA)

Astute Nitrobeard followers have likely noticed that I've failed to update Wallet Abuse Weekly this week.  Not that this is a huge hardship as the only notable release for the foreseeable future is The Malgrave Incident and the only reason that's remarkable is that Nintendo of America chose to publish a "find the hidden item" puzzle over virtually anything else in Japan's back catalog.  Let's face it, Summer is dull and games publishers still havent' realized that kids would rather sit in front of an air conditioner instead of going out to the pool to suffer an almost certain doom at the hands of heat stroke and/or Casey Anthony.

So I'm taking a break for this week and the next, will play some videogames, not stress over writing about videogames absolutely none of you should ever buy anyway, and over July the 4th play God Hand.  And then I'm going to talk to  you people about God Hand.  Anyway, I'll be back on July the 9th to yell at you all for not buying Earth Defense Force:  Insect Armageddon.