Um, Hello! Neverhood Mobile?

One of my absolute favorite adventure games of all time is most certainly The Neverhood. A game created by Doug TenNapel who has since had his hand in Earthworm Jim, a number of graphic novels, the forever-incredible webseries Sockbaby, and most recently the webcomic Ratfist.

Today, a NeverhoodMobile Twitter account popped up with a little tidbit of information:

The original devs of The Neverhood are negotiating rights to release the game on modern platforms such as iPhone and Android. Stay tuned...

I immediately flung my beard comb towards the stratosphere in excitement! Once again I would be able to roam the wonderful clay landscape as the loveable Klaymen while Neverhood classic hits like "Dum Da Dum Doi Doi" pipe through my headphones!

Now, Doug TenNapel did recently face some controversy over his views on gay marriage that were posted in an online interview, but 'bigot' or not I love everything the man has done and continues to do.

If you somehow missed out on this veritable gem in the 1990s, and enjoy whimsical visuals as well as fun puzzles, you owe it to yourself to play it. Via this new possible mobile release, or otherwise.