Gotta Go To Space. Lady. Lady.

I remember the good ol' days of Winamp and it's apparent whipping of a llama's asses. Over-the-top skinning to make it look like a whacky alien interface, an OG GB dot-matrix interface, or the title sequence of the hit NBC sitcom Friends.

As time moved on I realized I didn't exactly spend a lot of time staring at my music player, and I began to favor simplicity and function over eye-candy. A good friend, and super audiophile, recommended Foobar to me from which I've never turned back.

Planetary is a "visual music player for iPad," and brings me back to those days of being in awe of having a Half-Life themed music player on my computor! It's really quite beautiful, and while I have that same mindset of hitting play on some music and not looking at it, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a ginormous Minority Report-esque display in my home living room with this as the way of selecting my music.

Also go to Bloom's main website and scroll down, it does some rad stuff.