Netflix Instanity : Orwellian Robot Zombies

I've had some darn fine watchin' recently. Two completely different takes on the ZOMBIE GENRE, a kickin' rad Marvel Superhero series, and a paranoia driven look at the future.

I normally tend to not write much at all about the movies I recommend, but I'm going to make an exception for two of this week's.

I went into Doghouse not expecting a whole lot. I mean, the plot is about six guys going out for a BOYS WEEKEND to a town where a gender specific virus has turned all of the women into blood-thirsty zomboes. What I got was the best undead dark-comedy movie since Shaun of the Dead.

As for Metropia, I came out absolutely haunted and loving it. It's got an unusual animation style that lends itself well to the sci-fi modern-noir story, and helps pull you in to the sense of paranoia that the main character encounters throughout the movie.