Wallet Abuse is playing LA Noire and You Should be, Too!


Bad news:  Only one retail game release this week.  At least it's Colin McRae's DiRT 3, which is probably the best racing game you can buy between Forza releases.  Also it means Dirt 2 should drop down to twenty bucks and you can play that instead because oh hey, Forza 4 is coming out in a few months.  

Good news:  that left me with plenty of time to play LA Noire and write a game review instead.

 Bad news: the review is last week's promised-yet-undelivered-upon Maijin and the Forsaken Kingdom.  I was also heartbroken, but at least you get to suffer along with me.




DiRT 3
Developer:  Codemasters Southam
Publisher:   Codemasters
Platforms:  PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 

I sort of hate the DiRT series, although not for any reason related to the games themselves, in fact they're rather outstanding represenatives of the art of console racing titles.  No, I hate them because Codemasters managed to kill Sega Rally in a premeditated  effort that involved 1:  Producing the lackluster Sega Rally Revo and 2:  Releasing the clearly superior first Colin McRae's Dirt immediately prior. 

While the Forza series is probably the best racing franchise in terms of sheer quality, I don't think there's any doubt that Codemasters are the best racing studio on the planet right now.  Personally though I'm much more interested in playing a sequel to the criminally underrated GRiD should Codemasters ever be interested in producing such.



F3ar Thr33:  It's sort of lik3 R3sid3nt 3vil, but with mor3 forc3d d3mon fath3rhood and no zombi3s.  So nothing at all like R3sid3nt 3vil.

Hunted:  The Demon Forge pushes the boundaries of acceptable videogame naming conventions by not having anything to do with Hunter: The Recoking or Hunter: The Mid 80's Fred Dryer detective show