Seriously Guys, Microsoft Cares About PC Gaming

Let's take a trip back to 2009, shall we? A time of hope, change, and the time when Clark Gable starred in Technicolor-fueled talkie features at the moving picture show.  Microsoft was about to launch Windows 7, and the company had taken the critics to heart: Microsoft had forsaken its PC gaming heritage, focusing instead on fixing red rings and making hilariously out-of-context Gears of War trailers. They had vivid, wild dreams of success, but did they have the proper mindset to see their idea to fruition?

Well, let's just say Games For Windows hasn't necessarily proved an 'intiative' so much as it's been a 'car crash'. Steam, GoG, and Direct2Drive have taken the reigns of distribution and economic heavy-lifting in light of Microsoft's godawful execution of its Games For Windows Marketplace, which showcases great deals such as Age of Empires III Complete for ten dollars more than what you'll pay at Amazon, or Dirt 2 for twenty dollars more than what you'll pay on Steam. With dedication to customer service like that, color me amazed that Microsoft's concentrated efforts have fallen a bit short!

"Windows 8 will represent a real new push into PC gaming. Gaming will be a key component for the whole OS", says random source from somewhere. Well, that's all well and good, but this may be the fifth time we've heard such claims. I don't think new versions of Freecell or pack-ins of Penguin Bowling technically count when they're using such strong verbage at a targeted audience (namely, Bearders like you).

Hell, even Rahul Sood (founder of Voodoo PCs and all-around classy gent) called it like it was, enough so that Microsoft took notice, and hired Mr. Sood to fix what is obviously broken. Will this addition, coupled with Kinect and DirectX 11 be the turning tide? Will Microsoft actually pull it together and be a force to be reckoned with in the PC gaming marketplace? Are they finally thinking with Portals with their heads on straight?

With that, I'm not so sure, but I guess it's a good time to point out that Microsoft's "competition" in the landscape is so tough, well-weathered, and business-savy that not only have they rejuvinated the PC digitial distribution space, they also single-handedly made Mac gaming relevant to a non-Blizzard consumer base.

Good luck with that, Microsoft! Can't wait to use my avatar in god only knows what you'll cook up. Kisses!