Wallet Abuse Has No Witty Jokes About Macho Man or the Rapture

Only two retail releases this week, and as I’ve noted in the past I’d rather not cover digital releases as they’re hard to find information on and if I started down this road I’d be forced to talk about DSiWare releases and down that path lies madness.

As this week is exceedingly light, at some point this weekend I’m going to offer up my thoughts to Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Namco/Bandai’s other 3d action game released over last Christmas season, contrasting it against my previous Enslaved article/blog entry/rant/thing. Anyway, on to this week’s stuff:


Developer: The Souls of the Damned
Publisher: Namco
Platforms: Nintendo Wii

Oh I am absolutely not talking about this game. However I would like to speculate on if this:


represents the exact moment where Satoru Iwata realized things had gone too far.




LA Noire
Developer: Team Bondi
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Yeah so I’m still not totally sold on LA Noire, but that’s probably a good thing because Gamestop is probably going to be flooded with returns when people realize they just paid sixty dollars for a graphical adventure game and not the continuing adventures of James Marston in Los Angeles.

And y’know, it’s a good thing for Rockstar to branch out a bit and take on some daring new creative ventures such as Team Bondi’s love song to Robert Mitchum, but am I alone in thinking Rockstar deserves some level of blame for LA Niore’s advertising? I mean, people expect certain things out of Rockstar at this point, and Rockstar is happy to bank on that image. Among those things are good game design, flawless polish, good writing, good characterization.... and oh yeah-- complete and total open world chaos.

But LA Noire isn’t that game. In a lot of respects it’s exactly the opposite. It’s methodical and thoughtful. You’re a detective, for crying out loud, and not in the Batman sort of way where you piece together crime scenes amid the broken bodies you left in your wake. You’re actually punished for creating chaos.

And that’s great! That’s fantastic! I love that Rockstar is willing to go into as bold as a direction as a realistic depiction of law and order in a videogame, but at no point has Rockstar felt the need to explain that to the public, and I greatly fear that may be LA Noire’s undoing.