Making The Right Decision

I had a mission today: Trade in games at my place of employment, and get enough money for L.A. Noire on Tuesday. That didn't happen, but something magical did instead.

Keep in mind, the amazing shop I work for specializes in used games, all in mint condition, and carries titles from the current generation, all the way back to Colecovision, and Atari. There's even a few MSX titles, Neo Geo arcade cabinet chips, and even a goddamn Sega Nomad. We have a sealed Chrono Trigger for SNES, Final Fantasy III, and at one point even had a copy of Earthbound, box and all. Yeah, it's a rad place to work.

I couldn't keep my composure. I was a kid in a candy store, and I get paid to be there, which is some sort of amazing karma for being a good person 10 years ago, I guess. Long story short, I didn't end up keeping my store credit for L.A. Noire. I know, I know, but rest assured you'll hear all about Witcher 2 on the next Beardcast, as I already have it preordered, and paid off. What did I get, though? Something I've never actually owned myself, and it's about damn time I did:


That's not all, either! What good is a new system without some games to play on it? My haul includes games that I grew up playing, either at a relative's house, or walking down the street over to a friend's house: I was always the Sony/Sega kid, while the rest of the kids (arguably, looking back, the more intelligent children) were Nintendo rascals.


A 10-year old version of me is totally high-fiving myself right now.