Wallet Abuse Weekly All Digital Edition


Admittedly, most weeks here at Wallet Abuse Weekly are pretty bad, and that’s not counting my own abhorrent writing skills. The simple fact is most games are awful, and for good reason-- they need to make money. All those Spongebob Squarepants and Rios and Dragon Age IIs go on to fund the stuff we really want to play; games like Dead Space 2 and El-Shaddai and Deus Ex 2: Human Revolution.

But, I mean, I usually get something to write about, even if it’s crap. There is a perverse joy in seeing some godawful Zoo Games Sherlock Holmes DS “game” and knowing that I can immediately write off any pretense at research or interest in order to mock and deride as soon as possible and get on to the very important work of getting another S-Rank in Bayonetta.

But not this week! As near as I can tell from the admittedly spotty efforts of VG Releases, Whenitdrops.com and Gamespot’s videogame release tracker there are no boxed retail console games being released this week. There were notable downloadable titles released this week, but seeing as how PSN is still firmly in the middle of the “indefinitely” stage of Sony’s “down indefinitely” timetable, they’re all on XBLA:

Trouble Witches Neo

Which despite the depiction loli witches have suffered in videogames isn’t as perverted as you think

Nin-Nin Jump



 Which is by Cave, cost five bucks, and all proceeds for it’s first month of sales go to Japan earthquake relief efforts, so you’re an awful person if you don’t buy it and:




Which combines Metroid and Ikaruga and Shadow of the Colossus and is somehow from Finland instead of Japan.  It's probably also outstanding and may be the bext XBLA release of the year so far.

So a regrettably lacking WAW update this week, but at least pretty much everything I just listed is worth trying out for XBLA Gold users who can get hold of the respective demos. In the wake of no actual content I’ll try to have something up later this weekend where I bitch and moan at length at the otherwise highly enjoyable MK9. Until then, enter our contest to win a copy of Nimbus, you jerks!