Nimbus Giveaway!

Due to the overwhelming failure of our "Make a Contest" contest, I've decided to just take the reigns on this badboy and make an executive decision on how you the listener can win a shiny copy of the marvelous indie game Nimbus for your Steam account!

If you've listened to any of the past 3 or 4 Beardcasts, you've more than likely heard me raving about Noumenon Games' Nimbus; a 2.5D racing / puzzle game in which you pilot a ship that has no direct means of propulsion. Which leaves you to rely on conserving and controlling your momentum as you use bounce pads, cannons, boost rails, gravity wells and more that are scattered around the 50+ levels.

I implore you to go watch the trailer at the Official site or on the Steam page pronto.

The Contest

It's quite simple really! Every now and again we change our Featured Beard; which pretties up the top-left corner of Check out some of the previous ones we've had:

All you have to do is make one and submit it! Some guidelines for your finished masterpiece:

  • 740 x 740 pixels
  • Transparent .png
  • Contains some sort of beard
  • Feel free to grab one of our previous ones as a template

When you're done, just e-mail your magnum opus to with the subject "Nimbus Giveaway!"

We'll stop accepting entries at midnight a week from today on Monday, May 2. A round up of the entries and the winner to be posted shortly thereafter, good luck!