Subway's Flatbread Is Just That

After prodding from some of my "friends" that their flatbread "sammies" were delicious, I finally went into a Subway (Ugh) and tried it out. I got their Black Forest Ham (Honestly, who names these? Have you ever seen a black forest?) on flatbread and was sorely dissapointed.

If you've ever eaten a piece of bread, thought it tasted really bland and off, and only then realized it was covered in mold; then you'll understand the experience of consuming Subway's flatbread.

And that's just the bread! The contents of the sandwich itself were equally as vulgar. Lettuce that comes in gigantic bags, pre-sliced tomatoes (Any sandwich shop worth it's weight will freshly slice your tomatoes right in front of you) and then "toasting" it in a stainless steel microwave.

7.8 / 10 Boule's