Raid Dungeon, Hit Ball, Blow Up Planet

I've been playing a lot of three things on my iPhone as of late. Strategery board game Horror Vacui 2, golf flicking game Flick Golf!, and quzzle pesting-type game Dungeon Raid.

Horror Vacui 2

Shaun Inman is a man who seemingly has a deep love for pixels, as evidenced by his website as well as his iOS strategy board game Horror Vacui. Two players take on the roles of Water and Earth, alternating turns placing either normal, hot, or cold pieces on the board. The goal of the game is to have the most normal pieces on the board at the end of the game (when the board is full), but when temperate pieces transfer their attribute to adjacent pieces, in addition to extinction level events that change the temperature of all pieces on the board, it becomes a bit crazy.

It's a simple and well executed idea that lends itself to plenty of replayability. It's got solo play against a CPU, as well as two-player hot seat play, but lacks any kind of online / cross device play. Which is unfortunate because it lends itself perfectly to that sort of thing.

Recommended if you enjoy : Chess, checkers, nature

Flick Golf!

Touch screen! Flicking! Golf! Flick Golf!

If you've followed Nitrobeard for a while, or listened to the Beardcast at all, you are probably aware of my boundless love for video game golf. Flick Golf(exclamationmark) compresses the GOLFING EXPERIENCE down to a nice match for mobile devices, and tosses in a arcadeyish time attack mode as well.

Really though, this is Telekinetic Flick Golf! Since after flicking the ball off the tee, you can use your genetically enhanced superbrain (finger) to influence the ball in mid-air and try to counter those Irish gale force winds. Top spin, back spin, side spin, talespin- we got that spin.

Recommended if you enjoy : Golf, being a gentleman

Dungeon Raid

Despite numerous recommendations, Dungeon Raid slipped under my radar for a while until AppShopper notified me that I could save $2.00 during a $0.99 sale for the game. How wonderful for my wallet!

Ignore my frugalness though, the game is well worth the asking price, though you could wait for the GOTY Edition that has all the DLC (there's no DLC I'm joking you). Visually it's nothing super special, but it is a match-3 roguelike dungeon crawler with RPG elements, so there's nothing not to like about this game!

Recommended if you enjoy : Puzzle Quest, puzzles, questing