Grim Dawn : Plenty Of Bludgeoning

Grim Dawn is delicious. Beyond that it's an upcoming Action RPG (clickfest) from Crate Entertainment- which is made up of veterans from Iron Lore- who are the ones that brought us Titan Quest.

For humankind it is the dawn of a grim new age where iron has replaced gold as currency and the importance of salt as a weapon makes it far too valuable to waste on food. Small enclaves of human survivors exist scattered throughout the world, holed up in hidden refuges. These humans have quietly watched the warring invaders destroy one another and have become wise to the strengths and vulnerabilities of their otherworldly foes. A few survivors have begun to exhibit strange new abilities after surviving possession or exposure to the warp. These unnatural powers are feared by some but give many new hope of launching a resistance to fight the "outsiders" and reclaim what's left of their world.


You should probably just go ahead and pre-order it. I already sacrificed my pizza money for August 2010 and snatched up the LEGENDARY FAN EDITION which yields me:

  • Entry to alpha & beta
  • My name in the credits
  • Some sort of in-game accessory (oh how I hope it's a hat)
  • Holy reverence

Sweet, I've always wanted to be holily revered!