Progress Report #2: Kami Fighttinngg


Hello again, all of you Starcraft 2 fans! I'm back with another installment of Progress Report, wherein we take a look at my progress in Starcraft 2. It's a journey into the darkest depths of the human mind, and the darkest depths of Taco Bell wrappers, as I poopsock my way to the top! No, but seriously, I sometimes play the game and try to do okay.

In the last installment, I was ranked 92 out of 100 in my Bronze division, which earned me the monicker of 'nubby nubkins'. The good news is, I'm now doing better!

Okay, so my win percentage is still at like, 36%, but still! Any improvement is good improvement, and I can easily say that my gamesense and general gameplay style have improved drastically. Not so much in the fact of playing five ladder games since the last installment, but in the fact that I've been lobbying with some good friends from the Penny Arcade forums, who can put me to shame in the skills department. Their patience with me has been a godsend, and their overall ability to judge my strenghts and weaknesses has been truly unmatched. Since the last time I posted, I've played over 50 custom lobby games with them, with varying gameskills matching up against me for an oldschool battle royale. Overseeing alot of these shindigs is the owner and producer of the Curvy Star League, a handsome gent by the name of Simon.

Their main focus for me: concentrate on one build, and do it to the best of my ability. They told me not to worry about micromanaging my units, or focusing on battles, but just building units out of my production facilities, making sure I constantly have workers being produced out of my Command Center, and making sure to always have Supply Depots, as to not block my army count from growing. My main coaches were Seguer and Dhal, both of whom are sitting pretty at the high Diamond League-level skillset, and are both contenders for the coveted 'Masters League' title, which is the Top 2% in each region, like our friend Simon above.

The first game: Embarassing. 9 people watching, and I get slaughtered within ten minutes.

The second game: I'm getting a better understanding...Or so I thought. Dead within twelve minutes.

The third game: I hold off the first push by Dhal, and start getting excited...Only to lose everything at the sixteen minute mark.

We take a break, and break down my flaws. I get too scared during early pressure, and it effects my gameplan immediately. I spent too much time reacting to a situation, instead of taking actions that will prevent the crisis from happening in the first place. We mass some more games.

Then, it happened.


Wait, I won? I WON! With a crowd watching, in fact!


The next few minutes was reviewing with my coaches what worked, what I could improve upon, and why *this* round netted me a win, while the others ended up as a loss. It was a very solid session, and gave me a ton of confidence with a good build.

Starcraft is a game of fundamentals, I'm finding. It's not about complex counters and scouting, it's about playing cleanly, quickly, and accurately. Nailing upgrade timings, gamesense on when to expand to a second (and third) base, and basic unit composition are key. I've still lost some games on the ladder, but they don't bother me near as much as I thought they would, as I can clearly see the reason why I lose.

The coaching sessions have not only helped my in-game confidence and general understanding of mechanics, but gave me the confidence I needed to start massing games, whether they be custom or 1v1 Ranked, and actually take on the challenge of improving. Something tells me that next update, I'll have an even greater understanding of my strengths, weaknesses, and what I can do to take my game to the next level.

Oh, also, it wouldn't be a Starcraft post without an awesome GSL picture:


By the power of the beard, I hope to show you all the true strength of Kami Terran Fighting.

FFIIGGHHTTTINNNNG! Until next time, gang, GL HF!