Vorticons Kidnapped Betty

Ok, so, Commander Keen and a Yorp aren't actually in Aliens Kidnapped Betty, but for reasons I couldn't quite place my finger on- I was heavily reminded of Invasion of the Vorticons while playing through it.

It may have been graphically, or the way the character moves, or the enemies, but there was just something that was Keen-esque and triggered a heavy dose of nostalgia.

The game itself is a one-button platformer, in which your wife gets kidnapped by aliens (in case that was not clear from the title) and you must rescue her! Your character is super gung-ho and will constantly run forward until he hits a wall and turns around. Your one button? Jump.

The game is lovingly made, with some smart level design, and speed / jump powerups to mix it up a bit. Worth a play!