Success Without Frags Is An Unseasoned Something Or Other

Jane McGonigal of The Huffington Post wrote a neat article about how playing video games will help you become the CEO of Everything!

The single biggest misconception about games is that they're an escapist waste of time. But more than a decade's worth of scientific research shows that gaming is actually one of the most productive ways we can spend time.

Honestly I'm not sure why the video games are bad argument is still being made, or for that matter why "we" have to defend said video games. We are in the year TWO-THOUSAND-ELEVEN, are we not? It's practically the future! Jack Thompson is a vague memory, LEGO has been bested by a single Swedish man, I still haven't assaulted anyone, and you can order pizza over the internet. THE INTERNET!

That said, it's a good read and further proof that it's O-K, you can play video games. I don't want to hear "but I don't have tiiime to build a scale replica of City 17 in Minecraft," any more. Make time! You'll be a CEO of Something before you know it!