Ok, it's a terrible title. I know. Bear with me here though.

Soul Coughing and Gorillaz are two of my favourite bands of all time. I sadly missed out on Soul Coughing in their prime, but was introduced to them (thanks Rouse!) upon my GLORIOUS RETURN TO AMERICA circa summer of 2000. Here's a checklist of what made a bloody sweet day for me back then:

  1. 1995 Toyota Corolla, manual transmission, windows down
  2. Discman with anti-shock feature
  3. CD/MP3/MD-to-casette tape adapter
  4. Soul Coughing's album El Oso on CD
  5. Volume sufficiently pumped

So here is my Valentine's Day gift to you, a short but sweet playlist that, thanks to the magic of Grooveshark, kicks off with a soothing song by Squarepusher, then shifts to alternating Soul Coughing and Gorillaz songs. I may or may not give One Million Dollars to the first person that pulls off a remix album between the two.