Relic: Classiest Dev In The Room

Being the local strategy buff of the Beardinati, I've been splitting my time between Civ V, Starcraft 2, and Dawn of War 2. With Dawn of War 2: Retribution on the way in March, though, I can't help but feel that essence of 'new game smell'. Relic, being the gracious people they are, are doing quite a few giveaways for beta codes. Myself, being low on funds, and high on flattery, took matters into my own hands.

My email to Relic is as follows:

Dearest Relic,

(Imagine soppy music playing in the background, it'll add to the effect)

I'm a lowly "games journalist" from, and have been a fan of Relic since Homeworld changed the way I thought about shooty-pew-pew space RTS. While I'm terribad at Company of Heroes and Dawn of War 2, I'd greatly love a beta key for Retribution, if you have any extras. If not, no worries, I'll be buying the title on release anyhow! Win-win, Relic!

Also imagine me walking on a beach and throwing rocks into the ocean and stuff, if it helps my chances. Many thanks, friends!


Thankfully, they followed back within six minutes, as follows:

Hah! Hello there,  here is your beta key for Dawn of War II: Retribution: *****-*****-*****-******-******

Simply launch Steam, log in with your account information, and go to the Games menu.  Select Activate product and input this key to gain access to the beta.

Have fun and please share your feedback with the community forums when they are back online! No more throwing rocks!



So a big shoutout to Relic on this one! While I'm sad that Company of Heroes Online is going offline, I can't help but be excited for the newest DoW entry. Imperial Guard forever!