Nitrobeard Gaming of the Year: Brian

As you'll find out, I opted to go about things a bit differently than the rest of the gang. I have such a hard time placing games above one another, and this year was the closest it's been that I can remember. Instead I've put together a list of the games that I sunk the most time into this year.

It's unfortunate that in the middle of recording all the footage for, and editing of this video that the Holiday Steam Sale was going on. In the last 10 days that its been running I acquired a handful of 2011 releases that I probably would have added to the video given more time.

To name a couple; Bulletstorm, Hard Reset, RAGE, and Sonic Generations. Hell, I completely forgot that Magicka came out at the beginning of the year. Of course there are also the games that I just plain missed, especially console-side.

2011 has been a stupendous year for gaming. I'll surely be catching up well into 2012.