I went to Discover Mills Mall in Lawrenceville, GA today with a mission.  That mission was to record the hell out of some Vita games.  And I like to think, in some small way, I accomplished that mission.  A very, very small way.

Sony wouldn't let me capture video and seemingly did not think I am popular enough to be texting anyone while playing a game.  So instead of this being a Nitrobeard Vita Coverage Extravaganza, thanks to Sony's weird draconian rules about filming devices in a mall, this is a NON-COVERAGE event.

I did get to play several games there, though.  The first game I tried, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, looks shockingly similar to the console games.  Many of the animation libraries between the two are probably shared and it shows.  The game feels less like Uncharted, however, when you start needing to tech demo your way through the game.  One early situation had me fumbling my way through a (surprisingly slowly) burning room because I did not realize I needed to walk up to the curtain, press the on-screen knife with the touchscreen, and then slash in the directions it showed on screen by swiping the touchscreen.  It was at best unnecessary, at worst it hurt the flow of the game.

Aiming in the game felt squirrely, even with gyro-aiming turned off.  I felt like I really had to struggle to hit enemies with the sniper rifle, who weren't even attempting to avoid my shots.  The game doesn't lead your focus to the next area as well as the console versions do, which may be a case where Naughty Dog's talent becomes more apparent by comparison.

By far the best reason to own a Vita, though, was a game called Gravity Daze.  It is a 3D platformer where you manipulate gravity and IT HAS SO MANY COLORS.  GOD I WISH I COULD SHOW IT TO YOU.  But if you're getting a Vita and aren't getting Gravity Daze, you are getting one for the wrong reasons.

All in all, it's nice hardware, and I'd love to spend money on it if the memory card fiasco were not ever-escalating.  But if it's worth it to you, get Gravity Daze.  Do it.  DO IT.