Netflix Instanity : Meth-snorting Scandinavian Zambies


A quick tangental reminder to you all to go check out the new Indie Humble Bundle. Voxatron is a visual treat and a hella fun romp to boot. Blocks that Matter and The Binding of Isaac are icing on the cake. You can pay whatever you want, but have to match the average ($5 or so at this time) to get the latter two games. You can allocate a portion of your contribution to go towards the Child's Play charity as well!

Movin' picture time!


I swear to Bryan Cranston the increasing height of these images was not intentional. Here's some words!

Breaking Bad - I literally cannot recommend this series enough. Netflix has seasons 1 - 3, after which finishing you will feel compelled to immediately go out and purchase (?) the 4th season on VHS UltraBluetooth 1080.

Troll Hunter - It's Cloverfield meets Scandanavian folklore. A++ would watch again.

The Walking Dead - My wife watched the entire (albeit short) first season in one day. It's hit-or-miss with some people, but by and large it's much loved. So if you missed it initially, now is the time to check out season 1.