This Week in Skyrim : Return of Floatmans

I hope everyone has been having a jolly old time in Skyrim. I recently went to go see a giant about a goat, mistakenly led and unleashed the Daedric hordes hellbent on domination of the Reach, and recollected the events that transgressed in a single night of drunken madness.

There was also that Moses shout I learned.

Reports of mysterious levitating objects continue to pour in from all across Tamriel.

If you search really really hard you can find the hidden Moses Dragon Shout like I did. Comes in particularly useful for ???.

Our friend, and regular Beardcast guest, David Marchment is hard at work on a Jerry the Horse mod for Skyrim.

This one's from my brother! No comment necessary although oh god I hope someone links that GTAIV screenshot in the comments here. You know the one I'm talking about.

The man who practically invented incapacitating an entire team in Left 4 Dead 2 with a single well placed molotov, Lightor, has uncovered something sinister in the waterways of Whiterun.


Another one from David Marchment, who is apparently as big a fan of floatmans games as he is of shootmans games.

Remind me never to cross David. You Brits don't mess around.

The best part about this shot is not the fact that this darkelf chap is chilling with his foot in a bucket, it's the fellow in the background drinking a nice big tankard of solid cheese.

Manage to capture any moments of sweet sweet Bethesda jank? Send them our way with a name and caption and wotnot and there will almost certainly be more entries of This Week in Skyrim.