This Week in Skyrim

There's no doubt that certain open world video games from a certain developer named after a certain locale in Maryland have a certain jank about them. Love it or hate it, it's there and more often than not makes out for hilarious happenings.

I sadly have not yet seen anything quite as amazing as a mammoth sitting atop a pine tree, or a sabre cat being launched into the stratosphere, but here are some odds and ends that I have.

The club off a dead giant figuring out the secret to levitation.

An arrow bobbing up and down, floating perfectly upright in the water.

A tree that devours birds.

A mountain goat reenacting that scene from The Fugitive.

Manage to capture any moments of sweet sweet Bethesda jank? Send them our way with a name and caption and wotnot and there will almost certainly be more entries of This Week in Skyrim.