Imran's Halloween Gaming Stream

As mentioned on the Beardcast (you did listen, didn't you?), this Sunday on October 30th, I'll be doing an all-day stream of various scary-themed games.  There may or may not be an embedded player on, depending on whether I can figure that out or not, but otherwise the livestream will be going on at this Twitch.TV link.

Festivities start at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and the games will go in the following order:

- House of the Dead Overkill
- Oneechanbara
- Infamous: Festival of Blood
- Dead Space: Ignition
- Alan Wake
- Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
- Ju-On: The Grudge
- Fatal Frame IV

I'll be playing each game until I get tired of it, then will be moving on to the next.  Come watch!  What better way to get in to the spirit of Halloween than watching a guy swear a lot while shooting zombies?