Bulletin Beard: Witcher $5, more!

I love digital distribution, and the main benefits that come along with the format. No discs, no bizarre serial numbers, and companies lose their frikkin' minds when prices are concerned. Good Old Games is a site that should already be on your radar, but if it's not, it will be now. This weekend, they're clearing out their digital warehouses of Atari classics, and the deals are so good, I'm actually worried they're going to wake up and change their minds. The highlights?

All of these, plus many more, over on the Atari Promo page! The best part? Every game you get from GoG is DRM-Free, so feel free to back them up on discs, put them on USB flash drives, whatever floats your boat! Don't wait for too long, though, as the Atari sale ends on Monday morning.

If you'll excuse me, I have a rollercoaster from hell to create. Only $500 to enter, and the hotdogs are reasonable, both in taste and price! Okay, actually, those are $500, too.