Sideburned #1: Ray Frenden

In the first installment of Nitrobeard's interview-focused podcast Sideburned, Brian Belida and Wes Gardner sit down and talk to world-famous commercial artist Ray Frenden.

You've no doubt seen Ray's work, as his client list includes Viacom, Nickelodeon, Monster Energy, Burton Snowboards, Nike, and many more. He's had art exhibited at I Am 8bit, best-selling tshirts at Threadless, and even a world-renowned texture pack for Minecraft.

The Bearder crew discuss anything and everything with Mr. Frenden, including how he got his start in commercial illustration, what Minecraft means for digital creativity, his inspirations, advice for up-and-coming illustrators, working for yourself during economic recession, the 'culture' of remakes, the importance of pulp horror and science fiction, Cormac McCarthy's inspiring lifestyle, and MacGyver's mullet. Wait, what?

It wouldn't be Nitrobeard without some game talk, so we hit up topics like Gears of War 3, Bad Company 2, the Battlefield 3 Beta, Minecraft, and even talk abit about classic sci-fi and horror films, H.P. Lovecraft, and why in the world they got a French director to direct an Alien film.

If you love what you see, and want to get some prints of your very own (you do!), feel free to check out Ray's inPRNT gallery, and class up those walls of yours. Also, be sure to friend Ray on Twitter, and keep track of his upcoming projects!

Word on the street, some indie game goodness is on the way....WE'RE LIVE!