Howdy 2.0

Welcome to the new & moderately improved!

We've switched hosts and have achieved the following upgrades :

  • No more hosted images
  • Summaries of posts! Wallet Abuse Wednesday will no longer take up 3/4 of the page.
  • Preg_match is out of here. I know some of you may have enjoyed the preg_match feature, but we thought things would be best without it.

All of the old posts and comments from our last site were brought over and put in the Old Beard section that you can find up top. All of the old stuff should be searchable as well.

In addition to the actual site upgrades, we also signed up for some slick Amazon S3 hosting so we can have all of the Beardcasts up at one time instead of being limited to 15 and having to shimmy them around. (Please god do not listen to the first Beardcast)

We're looking forward to bringing along regular content again now that this is all set up!

It's a good thing we're mercenaries.