Coming Full Circle

I'm now officially part of the cool kids crowd: I now own an Xbox360 (again)! After going through three systems in two months in 2009, I threw in the towel with Microsoft's little white box, and made the jump to PS3. Recently, with the release of Halo Reach, I got a bit nostalgic for my Xbox, and had to jump back on the bandwagon. I now own all three next-gen systems, and you know what? It feels good! No more missed exclusives, and I can finally experience games like Alan Wake, Forza 3, and the XBLA games I've missed the past year or so!

Probably the XBLA game I was most interested in sinking my teeth into was Shadow Complex. I bought the game not long after it came out, mere hours before my third system red-ringed. I was drawn to the title for the great use of physics, and the addictive nature of finding 'the next save point'. Having played a bit of it so far, I can safely say that it's a sound investment: I own both Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Shadow Complex, and I've been choosing Shadow Complex as my go-to platformer every time. The controls are great, the construction of the layout is extremely well-done, and the game has an overall feel of polish that has definitely caught my attention. Expect to hear alot about this on the podcast, or from a nicely written mini-review (or both, if you're feeling saucy!) in the coming weeks.

The game that is taking up my free time (both physical and mental), though, is Halo Reach. I'm not the world's biggest Halo fan by any means, and I have some genuine gripes with the series as a whole, but goddammit, Bungie makes one hell of a fun videogame. I've been getting my FPS fix on PC lately, with Counter Strike: Source and Modern Warfare 2, so I'm using Reach as a 'wind down' competitive shooter, and it delivers in spades. The matchmaking system is second to none, the game's faster pace is extremely refreshing, and the amount of content crammed onto the disc is staggering. I can't wait to delve into Forge World, but I'm going to put a dent into the multiplayer components first: Completing co-op Campaign with some buds, Rumble Pit to spice up the night, and some Firefight for good measure. You can keep track of my progress by checking out my official profile, which will showcase my incredible lack of skill to the world on a nightly basis!

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