Undercroft all up on your iPhone

Undercroft is a pretty great RPG for iPhone, developed by Rake in Grass who also made possibly the best shoot 'em up of all time for PC- Jets'n'Guns. Undercroft was a couple of bucks on the app store for a while, then taken down by Rake in Grass who cited being too busy to continue to support it. Any way long story short some company called Jagex bought it and slapped it back up on the app store for free*!

*Apparently Jagex also owns Runescape so there's an unobtrusive ad for that when you start up Undercroft.

Anyway, it's free and a great first-person retro RPG and pretty much a no brainer. NOW GAZE UPON THE DELICIOUS PORTRAITS OF YOUR TEAM.

Looks like we have a one-eyed Fu Manchu, Braveheart Zordon, Mother Theresa, and uhhh... Carrot Top? Sure let's go with that.