Bulletin Beard: Lord of the Rings Online now FREE!

I'm a big MMO nerd, and while my eternal love affair is with World of Warcraft, the time I spent with Lord of the Rings Online after launch was just as splendid, and in some ways, better. Future Publishing (EDGE, PC Gamer, Official XBox Magazine, Nintendo Power, etc) called it the Best PC Game of 2007 (beating out STALKER, WoW: Burning Crusade, Orange Box, Civ IV: Beyond The Sword, among others), Voodoo Extreme called it MMO of the Year for '07, and Game Informer put it in the Top 50 of 2007 list. Considering what a strong year it was (Freakin' Orange Box, man!), that's quite the accomplishment.

The best news, though, is that it's now free to play! Usually going with a free model is a death sentence with MMO titles, but Turbine seems to have a magic touch with this type of thing, seeing the success of Dungeons and Dragons Online after making a similar business move. Of course, if you decide to pay up every few months or so, you'll get great incentives (rested XP, extra spending money for the Turbine Store, etc), which for alot of people will be worth it in the long run. If not? No sweat! Enjoy the full game, buy some adventure packs down the line for minimal time investment, and enjoy your stay! Here's a graph to break down the business side of things for you:

You can see, while there's a few things that are a bit of a bummer (limited tech support, limited auction/chat/mail systems), it's still one hell of a value. If you want to join me, I have two level 10 characters on the Landroval server, Weslyn, and Wesric.

What are you waiting for? Go get the client, download the patches, and get your asses online! We got some Urak'hai to kill, sucka!