Sideburned Meets World

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Brian : TOPANGA. What a goddam name I tell you what.

And Rider Strong's not only doing convenience store robberies, but planning the Batman porn which is actually coming out for real. I'd be interested in seeing the timeline for when Your Lucky Day was filmed and when that Batman XXX Parody was first announced / trailer'd.

Week is going well! Been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead 2 with Imran and some other Platforumers, I also got Dragon Quest IX last week and have been delving into / enjoying that quite a bit. Game-wise I've also occasionally been playing The Void on Steam which is kind of overwhelming and doesn't afraid of telling you there are consequences for what you do and yes you did just make a mistake.

It's kind of scaring me from playing.




Wes : Oh man, that was fantastic. At first I didn't quite get where the story was going, but there's a few choice scenes (not going to spoil it, as everyone should watch it) that took me by genuine surprise. It is great to see Rider Strong (yeah, that's his real fucking name, wanna fight about it?!) in there, but I don't think Mr. Feeny would appreciate this new-found profession. Topanga goes off and becomes a weight-loss legend, and he goes and does convenience store robberies? Shame, young man! SHAME.

In other random news, Starcraft 2 is still whopping my ass, and I'm getting fairly psyched for QuakeCon, as they're doing crazy livestream broadcasting of people playing Quake, and being better at it than I'll ever be at anything. Ever. How's your week treating you, Mr. Belida? 




Brian : Wes watch this short film right now. It's called Your Lucky Day and stars that long haired kid from Boy Meets World. For any people at their desk jobs right now it might be a bit NSFW.